Jackée Brings Attention to Cancer on New Film

Jackée Brings Attention to Cancer on New Film

Celebrated Hollywood icon Jackée is bringing years of experience and talent, and her special dose of femininity, as star in the upcoming indie film project KNIGHT TO D7, a short film dealing with the painful realities of cancer through the lens of a male friendship.

The story shows how humor and hope make it possible for life to triumph, even in difficult circumstances. The film is slated to shoot in late July and begin the film festival circuit later this year.

Jackée’s personal connection to the subject matter, the loss of friend and fellow “227” cast member Alaina Reed to breast cancer just last year, has made her involvement even more poignant. After reading the script, she knew the film would be a great way to honor Alaina and all of those that have been lost to the battle with cancer.

"KNIGHT TO D7 is a film of great importance. Cancer is often times referred to as the elusive Big C due to people’s reluctance to discuss it. But in order to find a cure, it has to be openly discussed and the experience understood, and that's precisely what KNIGHT TO D7 does,” shares Jackée.

Independent film house Pieta Entertainment is proud to be developing KNIGHT TO D7. The film tells an extraordinary story of sacrifice that takes place one ordinary afternoon when “Dustin Harper” visits his longtime friend “Brady Collins.” Their ongoing game of chess is brought to a halt when one reveals that his continuing battle with cancer has taken a turn for the worst. The true impact of the story lays in the response and reaction this revelation elicits.

“Having an actor of Jackée’s caliber and talent join our cast shows how important this subject matter continues to be,” said Greg Wilson, producer at Pieta Entertainment. “Teaming Jackée’s special charm and nuanced acting with the rest of our talented cast and crew is a mix we hope will bring a fresh take on a story that is rarely done justice.”

About Jackée
Jackée first appeared on television sets across America with a role on the TV soap ANOTHER WORLD. This led to her becoming a cultural icon and later to lead roles in the sitcoms 227 and SISTER, SISTER.

Jackée has won several awards for her work. In 1987 she won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her portrayal as “Sandra” while on 227. She was nominated in the same category a year later, and in 1989, she was nominated for a Golden Globe. She also won two Image awards (1999 & 2000) for her work on SISTER, SISTER, winning for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Outside of her ongoing acting career, Jackée has been very active in the humanitarian world as a Global Ambassador to Women for the Women's International Center and as a Board Member of the National Congress of Black Women alongside First Lady, Michelle Obama.

About Pieta Entertainment
The team at Pieta Entertainment first came together in 2008 with the production of their first fully-independent film, the award-winning GRANDE DRIP, which recently ended a 10 festival, 3 awards, and 1 DVD distribution deal run.

KNIGHT TO D7 brings the young filmmakers back together with a new story to tell with their established passion for the arts and dedication to excellence that has already garnered them success in the entertainment industry. Between the five members of the core creative team, they have had the privilege of working on projects at 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, New Line, Morgan Creek, Lionsgate, Marvel, NBC, Awaken Films, 5 Stone Media, Jenkins Entertainment, and Henderson Productions. The films on their resumes include the romantic comedy VALENTINE'S DAY, the summer blockbuster X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, and the indie feature THE LEAST OF THESE.

For more information about Knight to D7, please visit www.k2d7movie.com