Watch "For The Love of Jason" Season 2 on ALLBLK

Watch "For The Love of Jason" Season 2 on ALLBLK

For the Love of Jason Season 2 will launch on ALLBLK on June 2nd, 2022.

“For the Love of Jason” is a relationship dramedy, centered around a single man, in his thirties, navigating through his dating life.

The new season explores Jason’s (Trell Woodberry) journey facing the obstacles of becoming an entrepreneur, building a co-parenting relationship with Carmen, and navigating his already complicated dating situation… all with a child on the way.

Bryan (B.J. Britt), now facing the consequences of his actions, makes a desperate attempt to save his relationship with a life altering promise that may be impossible to keep. Lacy’s (Laila Odom) career is booming, but her personal life is in shambles, as the repercussions of past actions begin to unfold. And while Erick (Kareem Grimes) seemed to be thriving, a new colleague at work has piqued his interest…could this be the distraction that destroys everything?

For the Love of Jason is executive produced by Trell Woodberry (T.Wood Productions), in association with Deshawn Plair and Sade Oyinade (Flower Ave. Films). The series is directed by Michael Vaughn Hernandez and Deshawn Plair. General Manager, Brett Dismuke, and SVP of Development & Production, Nikki Love, also serve as executive producers for ALLBLK.